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Sexy Donovan Patton
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A more in-depth look...

Out of all those who auditioned, 24-year-old Donovan was chosen by test
audiences to play Joe on "Blue's Clues" (1996) based on how well he did in his
screen test with Steve Burns.

His dances on "Blue's Clues" were inspired by the classic
"Saturday Night Live" skit "Wild and Crazy Guys".

His character Joe on "Blue's Clues" was gradually introduced through a
three episode story arc which had Steve going away to college.
All three episodes aired back-to-back on the Nickelodeon network on April 29, 2002.

Brother Casey Patton is a U.S. Air Force paramedic.

Dad Michael Patton is an architect.

Donovan graduated from Michigan's Interlochen Arts Academy in 1996.

Mom Danene Curtis is campaign manager for a California branch
of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Favorite childhood book: Danny the Champion of the World, by Ronald Dahl

Favorite sports team: Denver Broncos

Favorite food: burritos with his mom's green chile sauce

Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings

Biggest challenge: learning to sing



At a Glance

Born: March 1, 1977, Guam Navy Base
Height: 6'0
Education:* Class of 1996 from Interlochen Arts Academy, Michigan
* New York Neighborhood Playhouse School Theatre
Family: Michael & Darlene,Casey, 26 & 1 sister, 6
Resides: Brooklyn, New York
Job before Joe: waiter at a NYC restaurant, Pescatore